We are proud to share with you what we have achieved so far.

June 2014: 135€

1. Tamilselvan-1 first candidate who applied for help, we paid his tuition fees of 10th STD in order to have better coaching in Karaikal Town. Thanks to his perseverance, he brilliantly passed his 10th STD exams and earned a medical college seat in Pondicherry through merit.

February 2015: 450€
2. Abdulasha was studying final year of engineering college in Karaikal. He was forced to leave the institution because he was unable to pay the last year fees. He asked help from Helfe Association through our local contact. We financed his final year with the help of another association (FEWA) which permitted him to complete his studies and get a job.
February 2015: 365€
3. Almothe is studying Mechanics in an engineering college at Pondicherry. Unable to finance his studies totally as he didn’t get a scholarship for his 1st year of college. He approached Helfe Association to pay the difference, we paid the difference which helped him to continue without any interruption.
December 2015: 720€
4. Tamilselvan-2, our first candidate who received help from Helfe Association came back to us to finance his studies, we proudly took responsibility to pay every year his medical college fees until the end of his studies because his family cannot afford to pay.
December 2015: 300€
5. Mohamed Arafath, 1st-year medical student who needed help from Helfe Association to pay a part of his year college fees, after application analysis and his parents’ revenue, we helped him with an amount which is sufficient to complete the difference. We are trying to follow this student if additional help is needed.
May 2016: 210€
6. Surya, a good student studying 9th STD needed better coaching in Karaikal town. His teacher contacted us to help him since his mother was unable to pay because of her small income. We helped him to join a tutorial college and have better coaching. We will follow him next year.
July 2016: 290€ and 160€
7&8.   Prakash Julian (Bcom) & Leo Prassanna (11th STD), both are brothers, good students but unable to pay their studies. Only their mother is alive but suffering from a disease. Our local contact asked them to help both, we financed this year college and school fees which helped them to continue their studies without interruption.
September 2016: 230€
9. We took a step forward to help a Government Primary School at Karaikal. We have donated this school to have their own small library which will allow students to get a peaceful atmosphere and improve their reading skills.
December 2016: 1050€
10. We supported Tamilselvan-3 once again to continue his 2nd year of MBBS (Medical course) without any disruption.
October 2017: 170€
11. Kiruthika, we helped this 12 STD student to pay tuition her fees and score a better mark in the public exam.
October 2017: 680€

12. Anusha, who is studying in severe debt and living in an uncomfortable house was helped by HELFE Association to fulfill her dream, she wants to become a Doctor.
October 2017: 455€
13. Govt Primary School Kottagam, we donated to this school in order to have bench and mike sets which enhanced their day to day school life.
October 2017: 145€
14. Arul Priya, we had an opportunity to help Arul Priya, a 7th-grade student in her studies who had excellent potentials.
October 2017: 145€
15. Arpudharaj, a 9th-grade brilliant student who had very hard conditions approached us. We afforded our help.
October 2017: 320€
16. Punitha Sugaina, we tried to help her communicate and continue her studies in a better way by buying her a new hearing device.
October 2017: 485€
17. Govt Middle School Puduthurai-1, this time, we equipped a classroom with a projector, screen, and speakers. By welcoming technology into the classroom, it increased engagement and better learning retention as a result.
June 2018: 1300€
18. Mohamed Mujjafar, we were able to help this young brilliant 3rd-year Engineer student in Aeronautics to pursue his dream.
August 2018: 411€
19. Govt Primary School Pandaravadai, another opportunity has arisen to help a school, projector and mic set installed to offer a new experience to our students.
August 2018: 914€
20. Govt Middle School Puduthurai-2, following projector installation, it was our time to launch a complete makeover. Interior / exterior renovation works took place. The playground was fully renovated to let kids enjoy their time at school.
August 2018: 145€
21. Arpudharaj-2, following our first attempt, Arpudharaj confirmed his abilities, this made us to continue our support.
August 2018
22. Govt Primary School Nehru Nagar, projector and computer facilities installed to offer better education and introduce technology.
November 2018: 1000€
23. Sridhar, We are helping this young brilliant and extremely motivated student finishing his third-year course in Bsc Nautical Science.
December 2018: 300€
24. Arabath Begam, first-year MBA student, very motivated to do her higher studies. We participated to pay her term fees.
February 2019: 400€
25. Najima Natchiyar, MSc Physics, very motivated to do her higher studies in correspondence. We paid for her annual & transport fees.
February 2019: 520€
26. Tamilselvan-4, we are supporting consecutively Tamilselvan to complete his 3rd year of MBBS (Medical course) without any disruption.
August 2019
27. Distribution of Samsung Tabs and computer accessories to six Govt. schools around Karaikal.
September 2019: 1000€
28. Mohamed Mujjafar-2, we are supporting consecutively this young man to complete his studies of Aeronautics Engineering.
October 2019: 600€
29. Tamilselvan-5, we are supporting consecutively Tamilselvan to complete his 4rd year of MBBS (Medical course) without any disruption, In 2020 he will become a doctor.
February 2020: 300€
30. Arpudharaj-3 & Arul Raj, we are supporting continuously Arpudharaj and his brother to pursue their studies without interruption.